Kazakhstan businessman bought Sealand?

Kazakhstan’s site akipress.org informed, that Daniyar Ashimbaev (Данияр Ашимбаев) bought a SeaLand few days ago and is going to be a new SeaLand “king”. Akipress published a large interview (in Russian) with this person. He does not mention any reasons of this deal and does not say exactly how he will use the SeaLand, but promise, for example, to change SeaLand Dollar to SeaLand Tenge (Kazakhstan’s currency). I can not find any confirmations of this deal at other news sources, and I hope it is a fake.

update: It was a fake of course. Never trust local news sites 8-).

Yet another faster JavaScript sorting

It is no secret that the demand on applications with “AJAX” in the name is continually increasing. Nolens volens one has to do some things with unadapted to them tools: an illustration in point is Internet Explorer — a program which is unadapted to execution of the code that would be standardized and had a common sense. Recently I had to deal with one of its problems. I had to sort out an array of objects by the given field. IE did it 100 times slower than FireFox! Solution allows sorting out six times faster than Internet Explorer. A link to the library implementing this method follows. Continue reading “Yet another faster JavaScript sorting”